The Angelus

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The Angelus

Postby jerryailily » Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:31 am

The Angelus was created in 1850 by the famous French painter Jean Francois Millet. It was a kind of canvas painting, measuring 55.5×66 cm. Now it is collected in Le Louvre Museum in Paris.

Seeing this peasant couple silently praying in the field, we seem to hear the bells from the distant visible church. The bells speeded louder and louder and farther and farther. Maybe the figure of this couple of crossing the ground level reminded people of solemn and sacred "cross". Therefore the distance towards to the peasant, church and the viewer was much closer and the sound effect was further strengthened, perhaps due to the shrouded evening afterglow, the meditated farmer and the contrasting of the quiet earth; perhaps the over blur of human figures and landscapes. Not only people, landscapes, church and the bells coming from the church were melted into one, but also did the painting figure, landscape, church and the bells.

This painting reflected a strong religious feeling, religious atmosphere, a solemn, awesome fatalism and virtuous life Christian image, a deep, distant, and poetic realm, and a spiritual magic power. No one could create such an outstanding work, except a devout Christian practicing in the religious realm with deep literary and artistic accomplishment, lofty spirit, superb and exceptional painting skills. The crude, simple, even dull, dementia farmer with a pure, gentle and kind heart not only embodied Millet's deep understanding and deep feelings for the peasants, but also reflected the strong democratic consciousness and realistic spirit of seeking truth of artists during the last half of the 19th century.

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