FS Abeka 7th grade, some 3rd grade books and TE

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FS Abeka 7th grade, some 3rd grade books and TE

Postby teenutter » Sun Dec 03, 2006 3:48 pm

Abeka Books Math 3
Arithmetic 3 TE and student edition
student edition has some pencil marks in it
TE has some notes in margin still good con'd and very usable
both for $15

Abeka Books science 1
Discovering Gods World (grade 1 science) TE and Student Edition
Teacher edition has some notes in margin also it has complete daily plans
Student Edition has my childrens names written on the first page and a few pencil marks. Both Books $15

Abeka Books Math 7
Basic Mathmatics 1 (7th grade)
solution key
test and quiz key
Both were purchased new last year, I took the test/quiz key loose from binding but every page is still there
both for $20

Abeka Books spelling 7
Vocabulary Spelling Poetry I (7th grade) Teacher edition, and quiz booklet key, Both are in good con'd some highlighting and pencil marks in the TE, both for $12

Abeka Books science 7
Science (7th) Order and reality Student text Copyright 1993
A Healthier You Student text Copyright 1989
Answer Keys to Science and Health Student Text books
Science Order and Reality Test/Study Book key Copyright 1993
Teacher guide/curriculum Science and health 7 Copyright 1993
I used these books together last year even though the health book was older, I had no problems I just made my own test for the health part. All are in good con'd min. pencil marks didn't notice any questions answered in the text. Some notes made in the curriculum guide margins and the book is bound in a 3 ring notebook very usable
All for $25

Abeka Books History 7
History (7) History of the World third edition student text Copyright 1995
Answer key to text questions Copyright 1995
Test key book Copyright 1995
quiz key book Copyright 1995
History of the world 7 Curriculum
student text very used alot of pencil marks and highlighting alot of questions answered in text. The curriculum guide is missing the first 4 lesson plans and is compatable w/ student text book
All for $20

Abeka Books 7 English
Of People Literature text book Copyright 1990
Of People Lit. test teacher key Copyright 1999
Grammar and Composition I Teacher Edition Copyright 1999
Grammar and Compositon 1 test/quiz key Copyright 1999
English 7 Teacher guide/curriculum (for grammar, composition, literature, reading speed/comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, poetry) Copyright 1990
The literature text book and guide/curriculum are compatable. the rest is current editions, I made notes in the guide/curriculum (such as new pg. numbers for current ed vs. old edition) I used these last year also and it worked for us I made revisements to the test for literature.
All English for $20

E-mail me if you are interested


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7th grade Abeka

Postby melissahebert » Fri Mar 23, 2007 1:49 pm

I am interested in all of your 7th grade curriculum. Can you do better on price for the whole package?

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beka math 7

Postby cartoonist » Thu Aug 16, 2007 10:15 am

i'm intersted in all of your seventh grade books at the prices
you listed them for., but for now i'll just take the math
books if you haven't sold them by now.

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Postby teenutter » Thu Aug 23, 2007 8:27 pm

I have sold the Following from my list: :)

Abeka Math 7
Abeka Science 7
Abeka English 7
Abeka History 7

Thank you for your intrest.


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Postby cartoonist » Fri Aug 24, 2007 9:59 am

i am omly interested in books grade seven and up

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