[Android] School At Home - Plan the Perfect Bonding

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[Android] School At Home - Plan the Perfect Bonding

Postby Sim.biz » Mon Oct 19, 2020 12:06 am


Hi everyone, we've created an app around schooling our little ones at home, named School At Home.


    What does it do?
This app is designed to streamline planning an activity, doing it, and taking notes before and after the activity is done.

    How does it work?
When you first enter the app, you'll be guided to create a new Activity in the Plan tab. When creating an activity, you'll have the option to add following info to the Activity:
Subject, Date and Time, Resources, Color, Focus, and Note

The Resources section is to add a link to point to a tutorial or something. Focus section is for pinpointing exactly what trait or skill you're planning to grow in your children, and you can have multiple Focuses.
You can also add a pre-activity Note to plan how the activity should go, and what you expect to achieve at the end.

When the time for the activity arrives, you will be notified, and after it, you can Record how it went by writing a post-activity Note, and adding some images of the fun you had.

After that, the Review tab will be populated by the activities you've finished, essentially giving you a gallery of all of them in an organized place where you can share the fun you had with family and friends, in form of an image.

Here's an example of a shared activity:


That's almost all there is to know about School At Home, and I'll won't bore you anymore by talking about it.
Please download it and try it for yourselves, and don't forget to give us your thoughts, opinions, and criticisms.


Happy teaching :)

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