Worldview Software?

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Worldview Software?

Postby Cottontailbaby » Thu May 16, 2019 4:41 pm

Hi! Does anyone have any experience with Worldview software? We have been using it since August for the middle school level American history class for my son. All of a sudden a couple of weeks ago, the software started not functioning correctly. It was storing his responses to the essay questions and marking things as complete and scoring the multiple choice questions. Now suddenly that isn’t happening and before I realized what was happening, my son answered a whole bunch of questions that the answers were never stored so he’ll have to redo them. I have emailed them three separate times over a period of two weeks and called the number on the website and left a message and they’ve never returned my call or responded to my emails. I’ve checked my spam folders.
I’m just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this before or knows how to contact them? We are almost done with the first part and I was going to buy the second part, but I hesitate to do so at this point unless i can get ahold of them.
Thanks for any thoughts on this!

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