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Veritas History Help

Postby mommywhite » Sat Mar 26, 2011 4:09 pm

I am one third of the way into the first year of the Veritas Press History curriculum. I absolutely LOVE the concept. The execution is what's killing me. :roll: We're doing great with the memory song, doing the age-appropriate projects, and generally learning the most important facts. The main problem is the tests. They started out alright, but as we continue, they are getting longer and longer and have become a huge drag. My boys are 6 and almost 8. My daughter is 4 and she listens in. Is it alright to do the tests orally? The manual suggests that children should be able to do them in writing by the sixth week, but it's not working for our family. Additionally, there is an abundance of supplemental material, but we don't have the time to read (or money to buy) all of the recommended books and do all of the suggested activities. Am I "cheating" by just doing the basics? I'd appreciate any input on how you implement the program or on the topic of customizing curriculum. Thanks so much!!
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Postby oremb » Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:16 am

As a former teacher, I couldn't agree more with the above reply. you need to adjust the style of curriculum and even the tests to fit your children. I am great at taking paper tests in history, but I was always better at giving orla feedback in subjects like science.

As with everything in true education, we are all individuals. I always tried to give struggling students an opportunity to show me they knew the material, even if they may not be able to write it out.

As a history teacher I also think there are many important side notes that you could use in your curriculum. I would suggest following the main points only, but if you know your kids are interested in a side subject (for example a kid interested in sports) than read only the extra material related to those. If you'd like I can even help find some supplemental material for you, as I am a big believe that education should be tied to our personal interests and hobbies.

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