What do you need in Music Lessons?

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What do you need in Music Lessons?

Postby deepside » Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:43 am

Hi everyone, I am a designer who also passionate about music education. Lately, I am kind of tired of just doing the things for the big retail companies, and I want to create something that is more meaningful. Therefore, I created a simple theory set for children, It's lots of fun! :D

Here is my question: what music lessons materials music teacher/parents think that's lack of in the current market? Feel free to give me some ideas!

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Re: What do you need in Music Lessons?

Postby eneskaraboga » Tue May 28, 2019 9:18 pm

my daughter is 8 year old, start to learn piano more than 1 year, but her enthusiasm is less. I understand it needs teacher, parents, kids three sides coordinate together.Students Who Quit Music Lessons Recent Research And Recommendations For Teachers https://docsbay.net/students-who-quit-music-lessons-recent-research-and-recommendations-for-teachers is a good article. my suggestion is any music lessons or recommendations for parents like this to motivate kids passion?

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Re: What do you need in Music Lessons?

Postby tylermann » Fri Sep 13, 2019 9:00 pm

You might want to check out what other music programs offer in the way of theory. I took a music theory class at our local community college and have an entire textbook on theory. You could start there.

You could also start by looking at some of the music lesson providers to see what they typically include in their intro and basic theory classes. Here's a list of piano lessons websites ( https://www.guitarrepairbench.com/best-online-piano-lessons/ ) that provide basic theory courses for beginning musicians.

I think both of those would be good places to start. It also depends on the age group you are looking to educate as well. For example, a high school age theory course would be much more in-depth than a grade school one. Either way, it's always helpful to check out what other music classes include, so you can incorporate them into your own.
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