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Postby promisekeeper » Thu Aug 09, 2007 10:10 am

My daughter was home schooled from grades 4-8. She attended a private Christian High school for grades 9-12. She is an athlete who is being recruited to play basketball at Division I level colleges.

I have been asked by an academic advisor from one of the colleges for the following information regarding my daughters homeschooling years....

1. Do you have a listing of the home schooling guidelines for Missouri? (via the association?)
2. Who was the administrator of my daughters home schooling?
3. Do you still have the original texts used? (If so, is it possible to get copies of the tables of contents?)
4. Do you have a copy of the written schedule during her home schooling days?
5. Is there a copy of the home-schooled transcript?

My question is.... does the NCAA actually require this information if my daughter was home schooled before she even entered the 9th grade?

Are they not only interested in her Core class gpa and her ACT or SAT scores?

Why would any information be required prior to the 9th grade?

Would appreciate anyone's advice or information regarding this issue.... and if you have an NCAA link that clarify's these requirements I would appreciate it.

Thank you...

p.s.... we reside in Missouri

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Postby Theodore » Thu Aug 09, 2007 1:32 pm

See the other thread on this topic.

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