Looking for an advanced curriculum - science and programming

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Looking for an advanced curriculum - science and programming

Postby Justyn890 » Sat Jan 10, 2015 5:29 pm

I am new to home schooling, I have an early education degree and am student teaching short of having my degree in middle level education in science and mathematics. I have always been a work at home mother and was prepared to home school off of my own curriculum for years, but we lived in an amazing school District and I couldn't justify it when I agreed with my local education.

I now no longer work from home, my husband does,but I work very early hours and can personally instruct my daughter (11) for 4 hrs a day. My husband would need most of her instruction to be structured and independent. (which I would never consider for my son, but my daughter is excellent at self managing and prioritizing)

My daughter is advanced she learns quickly. I need a program that she can move at her own pace and stay challenged. we have focused heavily in science and math along with her school instruction. I do supplemental instruction with my kids using a reverse curriculum approach. (lots of exploration and questioning). I almost never give my kids a straight answer when they ask me something like how does that work? I believe they should question everything and be able to cross use information. We have discussions about science or current world problems. When my kids can make a good assumption and link ideas together or make a well thought insight, they pick the snack, or cereal, or whatever aisle we are in.

We are moving on to programming and electronics in my house right now. I want to continue this with any curriculum I choose.

Currently we have moved to Arizona and I am upset about my children's education here. Also my daughter has withdrawn from bc she says there is too much drama at school and the kids are bad and disruptive. She is stressed over the school situation and this is not acceptable to me. I haven't found a suitable option, so I think we will be moving our instruction to full time at home.

Suggested curriculum? Preferably online, but if well structured, it doesn't need to be.
Something we can easily track and prove her education is very solid.

I know there is a lot of random information, but curriculum is determined by soo many factors.

Please forgive any grammar and spelling mistakes. I wrote this on my phone, bc my children are having a minecraft competition using all of the pcs....

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