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Advice Please

Postby cbkpu » Fri Mar 28, 2014 8:29 pm

Hello--I have an 8th grade son who is struggling. He is in a Catholic school and has been there for the past 9 years. He has some emotional challenges this school year and does not have the support he needs at school. We only have about 7 weeks of school left, but I have been thinking of pulling him to homeschool just to make life a little more enjoyable. He is very capable academically. He is just in a place right now where school isn't working. Does it make sense to homeschool for such a short period of time? Is it possible?
Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

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Postby Theodore » Sun Apr 06, 2014 1:42 am

Do you intend to put him back in a school next semester? Whether or not you do, keep in mind that homeschooling does not have to follow the school semester schedule - you can continue teaching him past the end of the seven weeks, and in fact I recommend to everyone that they homeschool year-round with maybe brief vacations here and there, since it cuts back on the number of hours of study necessary per day, and keeps kids from going rusty over the summer. If you homeschool year-round, an elementary or high school student shouldn't need more than 2-3 hours of study per day, and the rest can be used for specialties (in my case, it was programming) or extracurriculars.

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Postby Commando » Fri Apr 18, 2014 7:09 am

It's hard to give a correct/complete answer to your question without knowing your situation first-hand. BUT, I would say it's probably not a good idea to pull him out of school so close to the end of the year.

My tendency is to say that it's better for him to make it through a tough time than to be "rescued" from a difficult situation (and I say this from the perspective of character-building). But remember I don't know all the details so who am I to say?

If you DO pull him out of school, I would not just homeschool for a few weeks. In my opinion, you should have a more long-term commitment to homeschooling - perhaps trying it for a year or at least the next full semester. It take at least a few months to get a basic handle on it (in my experience).

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