Pre-K Curriculum?

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Pre-K Curriculum?

Postby dandelion38942 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:07 am

Looking for pre-k curriculum suggestions. We will be focusing on social play, play based learning and impromptu interest based things, but my guy seems to derive a lot of peace from structure (and im horrible at supplying it). So I would like to start offering him30 to 60 minutes of structured learning a day. Looking for a very flexible inexpensive curriculum, something mostly to give me some ideas and a few resources. Worksheets are great, as long as its not expensive because I will most likely be suplimenting with other worksheets since he doesnt like to stay on a formula with the worksheets. Lots of wall hangings would be great. Themes and units are great. Would be nice to fit in with my learning stations idea (computer station, rug time, math station, reading station, writing station, science station, with open ended free play station and bounce station inbetween stations as needed). Would like to do lots of science. My boy needs hands on. Hes all boy. Needs to be some what easy to prep since I have a ten month old in the mix too. And of course, needs to be good for a class room of one :). TIA

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