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Postby rcelmore8297 » Fri May 03, 2013 11:12 am

We have decided to homeschool our 2 boys next year. They will be in 3rd and 1st grade. I also have another 2 yr old son as well. While I am looking forward to it, I have this 'fear' that we are going to get done with school in just a few hours, and have so much down time during the day that they are going to drive each other and myself crazy. I plan on doing extra curricular things with them. One of them is piano, which I teach them myself at home (another thing at home :( ) . I also plan on doing field trips when we can. I'm just curious if I'm imagining something that won't really be a problem, or how other people deal with the down time. Thanks for any advice!

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Postby hscoach » Fri May 03, 2013 6:35 pm

I've been homeschooling for quite a while (13 yrs) and I've never felt that way. If you feel like your kids don't have enough to do, you might consider having them help with chores (to instill a work ethic), taking them to the public library, going to free community events, going for nature hikes, and doing volunteer work. Also, you might want to connect with other homeschoolers by joining a homeschool support group or homeschool co-op. I think you will find that there will be plenty to do to fill your days! Best wishes! Here are two links where you can find groups:

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