André Derain

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André Derain

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André Derain (1880 -1954) was a French artist, painter, sculptor and the founder of Fauvism. Derain was born in 1880 in Chatou, France.He shared a studio with Vlaminck, and got to know Matisse the age of 19. In 1905 he went to the vicinity of south France travelling and painting with Matisse. Derain was greatly influenced by Matisse and became the pioneers of Fauvism.

Derain first discovered the black art, recognizing the rich folk art and wild imagination. Meanwhile he found that the original art, paintings of Pompeii and the mystery of medieval Gothic art. He also studied the secret of the ancient artistic creation. Nature is the source of his inspiration, and works of successive Masters in the museum for his creation were his painting models.

The early works of Derain always use the sub-blocks of color, fast curves and blunt colors. The tactics are not boorish; the lines are fairly elegant, and the colors are harmony. The colors he mainly used are green, blue, and purple. His painting, The Dance, was made with rough brush strokes and bright colors. It was not limited by the rules of traditional painting, showing vibrant colors exaggerated modeling. The Dance highlights the beauty of Oriental art form by its flat primary colors, hook line and plane decorative features,

There are no collided strokes in his paintings. What we can see is the exquisite proportion, reasonable color relationships and well-organized blocks of color lines. He advocated simple and orderly artist painting. There are too many memories and artistic thoughts in his creation. Apollinaire in 1916 once said"Drain fanatically study the works of the masters copy their paintings, which show that he wants to know them very much. Meanwhile, he transcends the old rules and regains simple and new artistic principles and finally find his own rules." He is regarded as one of the greatest French painters.

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