my son diploma is no good.

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my son diploma is no good.

Postby » Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:42 pm

In 2009 I took my son out of pubic school,one reason was his grandfather/father passed away, and because I never got to see the principal and I only talked to the asst. principal,and every week my son done something are had Saturday school for things he didn't do, but nothing I could do about it ,so I was tried of trying,So i got a woman that when to church with my son to home school him and he also took his Act test and passed it and I have all his classes and percent of classes he did,Also we have a High school Diploma that was given to him,it is completed course of study at Lesson's Of Glory Home School and Sponsor by Morning Side Baptist Church.But here we are he finish school in May-15-2011, And every one we go to to sigh up for collage,they tell my son it is no good,and he need's to go back and take his GED. why is that,Today I called the Lincolnton Country board of education and she told me right quick, you shouldn't took him out of school and they was nothing they could do for me.Please if anyone know's what I need to do let me hear from you. I ready need help,God bless you. Mary from Lincolnton,Ga

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Postby Theodore » Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:26 pm

A high school diploma is only worth something if it's from an accredited school. I'm assuming Morning Side Baptist Church is not an accredited school? Short of that, you have to be able to demonstrate completion of the required subject matter for high school graduation in your state. You can Google for "high school graduation requirements x" where x is your state, and find out what the graduation requirements are. Each subject will need to either have a portfolio of work, or a nationally-standardized test score (AP, CLEP, etc.). Short of that, a GED will sort of work, but it's not going to be considered quite as good as regular subject-based graduation.

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Postby PSteacher » Wed Apr 04, 2012 8:34 pm

Request his transcripts from both the public school that he was pulled out of and from the private school or church school that he attended. By presenting the transcripts, the diploma and ACT scores he should be able to be admitted to community college even if he has some deficiencies, they should let him take any required courses there. A university could be another story, the are typically more picky.
The GED is also a simple solution and will require less hassle, my wife got hers after dropping out of high school because she was pregnant and now she is a registered nurse. Once you are in college nobody cares where or if you went to high school.


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