Science Curriculum that compares origins of Earth Theories?

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Science Curriculum that compares origins of Earth Theories?

Postby rinibean » Wed May 04, 2016 10:54 am


My son is heading into 3rd grade next year, and I'd like to start a science curriculum. Thus far we just kind of read on our own.

I'm interested in finding a science curriculum that isn't afraid to compare and contrast the scientific theories and biblical theories for the origins of the earth and the origin of man. I want my kids to be prepared for all the different theories they will encounter over their schooling, whether it is with me or elsewhere. I want them to be able to compare and contrast all of the theories.

I'm not sure that I will find what I'm looking for in one curriculum, so I am willing to pair some things together. But, especially with a young earth curriculum, I want it to have some "meat" to it. Where science and religion conflict, I'd like it to refute the scientific evidence, not just give a basic "the bible says the earth was created in 7 days so it was" argument. I want to see why the conclusions were drawn, and why they believe other scientists are wrong.

I would love also for a secular curriculum to address the scientific basis for why young earth creationists are wrong, and the process by which those conclusions were reached.

Something as simple as fossils, for example, really are taught so differently depending on the secular or religious point of view of the curriculum. We are doing dinosaurs right now, and many of the religious books are very shallow and don't present much evidence.

My goal is to give my kids a very well rounded view of scientific and religious perspectives, and I'm not sure how to accomplish this without spending a ridiculous amount of time compiling bits and pieces of information on my own. Can anyone suggest a couple of options for accomplishing this? I realize that all this will not be tackled in 3rd grade, but I would like to find a curriculum or two that we can stick with over time. The origins of the earth are relevant when discussing so many other scientific topics that will be covered in the elementary years, so I feel like I sort of need to find two curriculums, one secular and one Christian, that follow a similar sequence that we can do together.

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Re: Science Curriculum that compares origins of Earth Theories?

Postby willyanmorgan » Sat Jul 16, 2016 3:08 pm

I have taught Biology at a homeschool co-op for several years and would be glad to provide you with my list of links. I use it to provide research and information for students to form their own opinions about the origins of the earth and species. It covers the whole spectrum from straight evolution to young earth creation. Although I created it for high school students, perhaps it would give you a good place to start.
If you'd like it, please email me at

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