A Day in the Life of Next School Year

Describe your average homeschool day and give new homeschoolers an idea of what to expect!

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A Day in the Life of Next School Year

Postby mkpierce95 » Fri Jul 14, 2006 12:11 pm

I guess this post is sort of a "share info" post as well as an "I would welcome any input and advice" post! :) I have 4 kids ages 6, 5, 4, and 1. Last year I really only had my Kindergartener "doing school," although the two middle ones love it too. This coming year I'll have a 1st grader, a K'er, and pre-K'er and a very mobile and mischievous baby! How do you juggle all of those? Here is the schedule I've set up for next year:

7:30-9:00– up, get dressed, breakfast
9:00-9:30 – Bible
9:30-10:00 – one-on-one with Jacob (my 4-year-old) - reading and coloring
10:00-10:15 – snack and reading time
10:15-11:00 – one-on-one with my 5-year-old - reading, math, etc.
11:00-11:45 – one-on-one with my 6-year-old
11:45-1:00 – lunch and clean-up
1:00-2:00 – Social Studies, Science or Spanish

I'm going to do a 4-day school week this year (with SS, Science or Spanish each with a day) as we often hang out with Dad on Fridays (he works from home) or travel with him one day a week. I also thought a free day would be good for me to plan, catch up on housework, or do Field Trips. I know to some of you it might look a little structured with such young ones, but they eat up this time, especially the time I spend one-on-one with each of them.

I need help, though, in juggling all 4 of them. I'd like to know what some of you do who have lots of kids, especially kids close in age. I'm sure I'll really need advice in about 3 years when my baby is ready for school as I will be I guess teaching her all her own curriculum. At least with my 3 so close in age, they can learn a lot of the same things in Science, SS, etc. Would welcome any advice you have! :P


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My advice; pray, obey, and enjoy your children

Postby wendi.t.momof4 » Sun Jul 23, 2006 7:56 pm

:D Hi-
Wow! I have four kids, too but they're 7,8,11, and 14. This will be my first year homeschooling. But I take it from your schedule that you are a Christian. This is my suggestion-because as homeschoolers I think we compare, even just as moms of young kids-daily pray and ask the Lord to direct your day and follow His leading; be flexible with your schedule. This is a great schedule you have planned. It's just that you have many young children and it might be overwhelming. Just don't get discouraged on days you can't get everything done-and I'm preaching to myself. Before I had children I homeschooled a couple families, and I taught school for several years, and I've read a lot lately. If you haven't already read or checked it out of the library, get ahold of Mary Pride's Complete Guide to Homeschooling; it's great.
It's nice to hear from another mom of 4; what a challenge, right? :wink:
Jeremiah 29;11-13

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