9th grader reading at 4th grade level

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9th grader reading at 4th grade level

Postby mprin451 » Tue Apr 11, 2006 12:40 pm

I recently learned that my stepson is reading at a 4th grade level. He does not want to go to slyvan for tutoring so I am trying to help him at home. Can you please suggest programs, workbooks, and other curriculum that will help us this summer. I am currently looking at a website called time4learning.com and also at a program called PhonicsTutor. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
(PS. He is currently in the 9th grade).

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Postby kerlin » Tue Apr 11, 2006 10:55 pm

My son was a slow starter at reading, not quite the same, but maybe this will help. I got him magazines that he liked, bicycles, sports, cars. Things I didn't mind him reading, and they encouraged him to read more. It did help in my son's case.
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Postby valleywalker » Sun Apr 23, 2006 9:26 pm

Hi there. I pulled my son out of public school in January. He's in grade 7. I was at a conference/curriculum fair recently, and found a curriculum called ACE. At their website, you can get your kid to take a diagnostic test to find out what they truely know and what they don't. The test points out their learning gaps and prescribes the corresponding workbook.

I ordered the math workbooks, and will probably order the english and word building ones as well. The math should be here any day now. My son's math gaps went as far back as grade 2. He only passed about half of the grade 3 areas and about half of the grade 4 areas. All the rest, from grade 5 on, he failed! In English, he is at a grade 4 level, and in vocabulary, he's at a grade 7 level.

I really feel like my poor son has wasted alot of years in school. I'm eager to see what we can accomplish at home with this curriculum.

To see the test, go here: http://www.aceministries.com/diag.asp

For reading, in particular, read out loud to him. I know it seems silly to do that for a kid that age, but I learned a very interesting fact at the homeschooling conference I went to. Reading "older" material to older kids helps them develop sophistocated language patterns because they HEAR each and every word you say, as opposed to skimming over the words in a sentence and getting the basic "idea" of that sentence. Hearing you read to them stimulates a different part of the brain than sight reading. Even if they are reading it out loud to you, it's the same. Plus, you are spending time with your son, and you are enjoying the book together, which you can discuss at other times of the day.

I've been reading to my son since January. We started with the Narnia series and we've just finished book 4. We are both enjoying the stories very much.

Hope this helps you in some way. God bless you in your quest. :)


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