Senior year homeschooling in MD

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Senior year homeschooling in MD

Postby EastIndia » Mon Sep 03, 2007 11:06 am

I've just finished up my first week of public school in md, and I would like to complete the rest of the year as a homeschooler. I'm not doing poorly in my classes, I like all my teachers, and my friends and I have much the same relationship, if a little more distant this year. However, I simply am not gaining anything from school anymore, and after 11 years I've finally decided to take the initiative and do what I think is best for me. I've always had trouble paying attention in my classes, and so after wasting 7 hours in school I'd have to come home and teach myself everything. I'm very, very tired and more interested in conserving those seven hours. My question is, is this viable? Will I be allowed to do this? I have immaculate attendance, I've always taken one of the hardest schedules at my school (multiples Advanced Placement classes) and have gotten almost exactly half As and half Bs, and the only credit I need for graduation is my last year of english. I would really like to pursue my education independently, and I am planning on applying to top tier colleges this fall. If this homeschooling option is viable, what would be my first steps in pursuing it? I would rather not be a high school dropout, because I still want to continue learning. Does anyone have any insight into how colleges might view this, even with an explanation in my guidance counselor's recommendation? Sorry for rambling on, and thanks for all your help!
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Postby Dolly-VA » Mon Sep 03, 2007 11:53 am

Before you leave, have you checked into getting your one last credit through your locall community college? My son graduated last year and, instead of taking English 12, took English Comp 111 and 112 (basically, the first two semesters of required freshman English.) Speak either with your guidance counselor or the head counselor for the school. It may not be too late to start if you do it right away.

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