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Homeschooling more than one child

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2005 11:44 am
by l5hill
How do you teach two children at the same time? I have a 4 yr old and a 6 yr old that I just took out of public school. My 6 yr old is advanced. I want both of my children to learn without being held back or going over their heads. Any help would be appreciated.

teaching more than one child

Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2005 6:07 am
by karenc.
You might try unit studies, I used those alot when our children were little,they each also did A/O workbooks on there level,For unit studies we did science, art, music, health, and history for holidays, it worked for us. Hope this will help, karen.

Unit Studies

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2005 9:22 am
by l5hill
I keep hearing about unit studies, but I just don't understand what they are. I am not a stupid person, but I am just not grasping it. Could someone explain it?

Read the articles by Jessica Hulcy for info on unit studies:

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2005 2:35 pm
by Theodore
Jessica Hulcy is considered the expert on unit studies, and you can get an idea of what unit studies are all about by reading her articles:

Basically, unit studies are a focus on topics rather than educational subjects. For instance, you might have a unit study on Rome that covered language, government, architecture, important historical events, etc, but the primary focus would be on Rome, not any specific academic subject. This makes it easy to teach children of differing educational levels using the same materials, since it's Rome for all, even if one person plays the orator and another a common soldier (togas are fun, but cardboard swords and shields are better!)