New and Need Help - Kindergarten / First Grade

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New and Need Help - Kindergarten / First Grade

Postby sakinah » Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:09 am

Hello everyone
I am a mother of 4 small children...5 yrs, 3 1/2 yr twins and a 14 mnth old.
I have intention to homeschool all of them. I am trying to start the 5 year old with kindergarten. Because of his birthday I will have to file a notice of intent to homeschool for the next school year, by then he will probably be at the first grade level..i hope! He is already doing most of the kindergarten stuff now.
My question is ...once i have a curriculum do i go by planning the rest of the year?...broken down to the months...days...lesson plans...schedules.i do not plan on purchasing a curriculum with all that...especially for kinder and first grade. I am hoping I can plan it myself, with some help :)
where do i go to get the text or meterial for teaching what i need to?

any help on this will be great help for me.
Any mothers on here with littles ones while trying to homeschool do you cope with it? and housework?
Thank you

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Postby hscoach » Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:45 am

I don't know what state you live in or what the requirements are for keeping lesson plans, etc. If your state doesn't have specific requirements for that, I would not worry about it right now, since your son is so young.

I agree that you really do not need to buy a formal curriculum for K5 or 1st grade. But when you are deciding what to teach, you might want to look at a scope and sequence. Here are two links. ... ndex.shtml

I like to buy things from Rainbow Resource. They have low prices and a huge selection. They also have product reviews.

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Postby RaysHomeschool » Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:56 am

I love the flexibility that homeschooling gives and only make lesson plans for the week ahead. This gives me plenty of leeway to focus on what my kids are interested in right now. Unless your state requires you to turn in the lesson plans I would say to just judge week by week what you are going to do, and remember that your plans won't always work! There have been numerous times when we were a week ahead of schedule, and just as many times when we were a week behind. Don't let it stress you out!
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