How did it start for you?

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How did it start for you?

Postby ardeur » Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:10 pm

When and how did you first contemplate homeschooling your children? Or in other words: How did it all start for you and your family?

... did a single event trigger your desire/need to homeschool?
... is it something you always wanted to do?
... ???

I'm just curious! I love hearing all the diverse reasons families commit to a homeschooling lifestyle.

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Postby elliemaejune » Mon Oct 18, 2010 9:42 pm

My older dd was in a private Christian school in San Diego, and doing quite well academically. However, after Christmas vacation she just didn't seem happy--nothing I could put my finger on, and she didn't complain about school. She just was not happy, and she became less happy over the next couple of months.

One day she came home from school and cried over half a page of arithmetic homework. That's when I went down the street to my neighbor's weird homeschool neighbor. :lol: I spent the next two weeks researching and reading (which wasn't easy to do in 1982) and talking to my neighbor. During Easter vacation, I went to the San Diego County Office of Education and filed a private school affidavit. Monday morning I withdrew dd from school. I figured we'd do nothing for the next few months, counting it as an extra long summer vacation. In the fall we'd be official, and if by Christmas we were all still normal and we all still liked each other we'd keep hsing.

I hsed my dds until they began taking classes at the community college when they were 14. :-)
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Postby heidijo » Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:43 am

When my first child was very young I had a friend that started talking about homeschooling. I thought it sounded like a great idea. I just followed her from there on.

Now I have 4 children. I homeschooled the oldest all the way through high school and she just graduated and is in college. The next 2 went into the public high school in 10th and 9th grade to play volleyball. My youngest is still at home with me and I will keep him here as long as possible. He knows he has it better here than anywhere else.
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Postby Meghan » Wed Oct 20, 2010 3:07 pm

I have officially made the decision this very morning. Our 'Date' is the 28th of this month.

But the journey started when ds was a baby. I had done my research on vaccines, and was at the doctor's office for his shots. I refused varicella. The nurse said to me, "They won't let him in ps you know. What will you do then, homeschool?" (she was very rude... and legally incorrect.)
I replied that I would do whatever I had to to protect my children.

My dd somehow went through ps pre-k then K without learning anything. We spent this past summer on her reading, and her math. I couldn't help wondering why I was bothering to send her to ps at all.

This year began, and I left it all alone. Then the complaints started. dd is not performing on cue at school, and they think she knows far less than she knows. I offered my advice on the most pressing issues and expected the teacher to follow up with me. She didn't.

Yesterday I sent her a very long, detailed e-mail of just what dd can do. I told her where we see problems, and where things are working. I described my style of teaching dd her phonics (school is pro-whole word). I offered to share whatever I know about my dd's learning (quite a bit after 6 years spent with her).

And I received a honeyed reply telling me to leave the teaching to the experts (because they've done so well until now, I suppose?), that my teaching dd is confusing her. I got very very angry. Somehow this has all become about blame to them... but of course they can't see that they are the ones failing at ALL. They've already blamed my dd's glasses, her hearing, asked if she needed to talk to the guidance counselor, has pushed the title one teacher at me twice (more whole word). My e-mail was my attempt to put the focus back on dd's education, but they apparently don't want to do that.

Clearly I am much better trained to teach my daughter than the ps system.

(sorry for the novel. I'm STILL very angry!)

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