Im having ANOTHER problem......

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Im having ANOTHER problem......

Postby MOMS » Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:59 pm

This is our 1st year & I'm realizing that my 8yo ds needs help with spelling....his reading isn't all that great either. I mean his comprehension is great, vocab is great. But I'm thinking he might need some phonics or somethig to "fill in the gaps". Is there anything I can do to supplement on the side without putting him on a whole kindergarden phonics program?
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Postby sartasd » Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:17 pm

Spelling comes with practice. My 8 yo. does spelling practice using (she gets her list from this site too)

She has letter tiles and will play with them spelling the words. using letter tiles helps her break the words down. She can break them apart and focus on phonic and sight sounds. He had the word give one day to spell while writing something, when I told give is spelt G-I-V-E, she said that can't be right, that is gIve (saying the I as a long I sound instead of a short sound, I explained that this words is a sight word and doesn't follow the long I rule.

Phonics is often still needed in 2nd and 3rd grades. I recommend the website as a practice for any child. My dd still goes to starfall at times but it is for fun now.

She copies the words 4 times each (she hates to copy them and 10 times brings on tears!, so we do them 4 times each)

She also put them on index cards and will study them. look, cover or turn over, see it in her mind, check it, if she got it, then moves on, she does this slowly to be able to see the word in her head.
We also practice the words together prior to her test, if she seems unsure of the word's spelling, I will slowly say each sound and ask her what letter... she usually gets it.

She does well on spelling now because she gets to practice all week.

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