To the Point Curriculums?

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To the Point Curriculums?

Postby gizzy » Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:31 am

In my homeschool I'm interested in the traditional 4 Rs of education, Reading, Writing, aRithmetic and Religion.

I'm interested in getting a curriculum that is "too the point" with out a lot of fluff etc. I dont mind letting the kids color, do crafts, etc, but not as "school" but as a reason to turn off the doggone TV before I go insane.

I've purchased The Reading Lesson and started that a few days ago. So far, I like it. I supplement it with Starfall and lots of "Do your work, we're only working for 10 minutes so just do it--NOW!!!"

I'm thinking of getting Verbal Math for my two students also. They are 4 and 6

I need a writing program, I'm thinking of just having students write the words or letters they are learning at the same time and pace as the reading lesson.

I like work that is too the point without a bunch of foolishness so we can get our daily dose of "education" and move on with life.

Anyone else feel this way?

Hopefully, in the fall, I will be able to drive better and more often and intend to take my students to the playground and library more regularly, along with once a week trips to some place more exciting.

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