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Need Some Help

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 1:35 am
by Naomi
I need some help. Because of circumstances that has arrose on the home front I find myself now in a position of having a daughter with no school to go to. We had to unenroll her from her previous school.
I live in queensland and would like to home school her but have come across the problem of putting together a curriculum for year 8. And it is so near to the end of the school year. I know if i do not do something very quickly I will have the truency officers breathing down my neck. Can anyone in Queensland advise me where to start and how to put a curriculum together at this late stage. Thank you.
Naomi :?

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:58 am
by socialhomeschooler
First, take a deep breath and calm down, then read "Teach Your Own" by John Holt. I'd also talk to your daughter about what she wants to do, allowing her to take an active rather than passive role in her education. One of the biggest problems with schools (in my opinion) is that they use a one size fits all curriculum, when one size doesn't fit all. What interests her right now?

Good luck!

Will Do

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 2:53 pm
by Naomi
Good Morning Socialhomeschooler
Thank you for your quick response and advice. I will talk to my daughter this morning.


not sure what your laws are like there

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 3:25 pm
by bchsmom
if you need to have a plan in place asap to avoid a truency issue, then I would be quite quick about writing up a plan and getting some books from the library.
Seeing it's so close to the end of the year, why not just write a plan based on what she was already studying? Then take some books out from the library and read. If you want her to be working at home, then assign some research assignments on various topics from her studies. She can cook meals for an elective, run or walk or do yoga for phys. ed.
This way you can take what would normally be her seasonal break from school and decide what you'll do for the next year.
Michelle :)

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:55 pm
by Naomi
hello bchsmom
Thank you very much for your reply. I will be taking your advice and have already started filling out the necessary forms.