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From Private school to HS

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 8:30 pm
by Infogirl
Good evening!
My son is 6 yrs. old and attends the school at our church. It is a very good school, but I have serious concerns about whether or not it is best for him. The main 2 concerns I have are:

1. It is a very long day for him, he says he gets tired of sitting so much, and he cries and/or complains every morning about having to go (we have just entered week 4 of school).

2. We have had one note sent home last week about behavior issues/not keeping his hands to himself, interrupting and talking, and other undesirable behavior and now today a letter he had to write to us apologizing for trying to be silly while at school.

I am concerned because this is uncharacteristic for him. I realize that there are a few boys that are at times overly energetic that he likes and these are the same ones that keep being brought up in regards to these incidents.

I am very conflicted about what to do. He is visibly upset with the school schedule, we have talked about self control and rules that he needs to learn for life, but this all seems to go beyond just misbehaving. I really do think he hates school...mostly because of the tireless hours they spend sitting and secondly because the work may in fact be tedious. While I highly value the Christian environment that reinforces our values and beliefs, I wonder if this type of traditional setting is perhaps just not right for him?

I know most people who've posted on here talk about going from PS to HS...anyone have thoughts or experience going from Private to HS? Any advice to offer?

Thanks in advance for any help, hope, advice, etc.!!

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2009 10:08 pm
by elliemaejune
I took my dd out of a Christian school at Easter break of first grade.

My vote would be to take him out. There's no good reason that he has to experience that stuff.