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Postby nygirl15 » Tue Jul 14, 2009 5:23 pm

i'm a figure skater, and i'm homeschooled and i was wondering if there were any other people on this board who homeschooled and did sports as well?

i used to like this skater and i read her article yesterday: ... /#more-174

i feel like i should reconsider being homeschooled. i was wondering if anyone else felt like this?

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Postby 4given » Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:54 am

I would view this as ONE person's opinion of HSing and skating. Recognize that the author of this article has her own biases and experiences that are not shared by all.

Bottom line... if HSing and skating is working for YOU, why change it?

If you are NOT content, then it would be a good idea to identify "why"?

IMO, for what it's worth, HSing does not have to mean... isolation from peer interaction, missing out on dances/proms, etc. It may take a little more effort or planning but you do not have to forsake these things altogether. I hope I'm making sense.

Oh yeah... my oldest son is passionate about soccer. He as his eyes set on going pro. HSing affords us more freedom to pursue this avenue. But, it is not our only reason for choosing HSing, either.

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I think the article is a bit short sighted

Postby bchsmom » Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:40 am

which is common when someone who does not homeschool, writes about homeschooling! There are many ways to homeschool are there not? If this young lady had school friends and skating friends, then why can't homeschool and skating friends exist? One of my children is a competitive dancer but we were homeschoolers before she started, she is my youngest child. She has dance friends, homeschool friends, neighbourhood friends, cousins etc. She is about embark on an intense training schedule which will not interfere with her homeschooling day at all. She will still see those friends, the activities she chooses will be still be attended and she can tend to her studies when it suits her. A couple months in, I can guarantee that there will be a line up of glazed eyes and tired looking dancers standing next to her. She is the only one that homeschools! The others will be up at the crack of dawn getting homework and at home training done, in school all day, home to eat and then to the studio for the evening. Will it wear on them? Sure! Will they miss any evening social/school functions over the course of the next four months? Yes! Will they have time to see their friends outside of school? No!!
I think the writer of the article makes some great points about balance but balance can be achieved while homeschooling. Life outside of a competitive sport does not have to be non-existent. Also, I'm sure if she is starting college now, she will have to rely on herself to teach. Home learning students are well known for being excellent self guided learners. It's not parental neglect to allow a child to do this.
Overall, she has made the usual list of judgments from her surface level observations. I believe you have to actually homeschool to have a good understanding of it.
Michelle :)

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Postby nygirl15 » Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:57 am

I agree, it's just so hard when I feel like I am missing out by being homeschooled. i really enjoy the homeschooling process, but the idea of homecoming dances and football games seem fun too.

it frustrates me when people write about things they don't know the reality of. obviously this author doesn't know what it is like to be homeschooled and positive benefits of it. I just hate feeling "different," you know?

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Postby lil_lizards » Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:37 pm

I was homeschooled and managed to play football as well (no I'm not a girly girl lol). My younger sisters homeschooled and did syc swimming for years. Not every kid you would go to school with would be skaters ... If homeschooling is working for you then as the other replies have stated you can do both and stick with it!

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