In need of some advice

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In need of some advice

Postby blsd8x » Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:59 pm

Hi, I am new and need some advice-- I am wanting to homeschool my 6 children and need some advice. They are 14,13,9,8,6 and 5 and I also have a 1 yr.old and a 5mos. old. Of course they have only been in the public school system and it will be a big adjustment for all of us. I feel that I really need to do this for them for many reasons. I am not as worried about pulling the younger ones out as I am my 9th and 7th grader. How do I help them to see this is the best thing for them. Has anyone out there done this? Please Help if you can :?
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Postby Theodore » Thu Mar 12, 2009 5:34 am

Well... you can certainly tell them the academic / safety advantages inherent in homeschooling, but if they're enjoying themselves in public school and don't mind spending 7 or 8 hours a day studying there rather than 3-4 hours studying at home, I don't think any amount of rational argument is going to help much for the first few weeks. You'll just have to give it time, homeschooling means they won't have to get up as early in the morning, and assuming they can still see their friends regularly and do extracurriculars, it should quickly become obvious that the advantages outweigh any perceived disadvantages.

If not, tough, they'll just have to live with it. Not everything in life necessarily goes the way you want it to.

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Will statistics help?

Postby homescholar » Wed Apr 08, 2009 12:05 pm

Maybe they will be motivated by statistics? I give out a brochure at my seminar filled with statistics from HSLDA. You can view the brochure online here: ... vement.pdf

It may help to actually give them answers to the questions they have. They may be worried about Prom (there are homeschool dances) socialization (they don't have to give up their friends, and they'll make more and have more time to enjoy their friends.) What about college - homeschoolers go to college and get good scholarships all the time. And they may not think of the benefits, like choosing electives they REALLY want to learn, and studying core subjects in a way that interests them.

It can also help to start with a schedule that is FUN. Schedule some plays, museums, or PE activities each week, so they can see the fun side of it.

I hope that helps,
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Postby lessons from home » Tue Apr 14, 2009 3:06 pm

Are you willing to let the older ones study topics of interest to them and forgo some other classes? As children get older, their studies should get more specialized toward preparing them for their future career. This may be attractive for them. You may want to try at least 8 weeks of transition time to get them out of the "school" mode. Let them spend time learning about their hobbies and interests, even pursuing an apprenticeship if that's appropriate. If you let them see that homeschooling will give them time to pursue what excites them, and make it possible for them to do so, you'll convert them pretty quickly.
What are their objections to homeschooling? Are there other homeschool teens in your area that you can get together with? Hearing from kids their own age will go a long way toward helping your cause :wink:
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Specialized High School Projects

Postby Lorelei Sieja » Thu Apr 16, 2009 6:05 am

You don't mention where you live or what your teens personal interests are, but I can share what worked with my middle girl.

As an older teen, she was nearing graduation, but not the least bit interested in college. I struggled for two years to help her find direction. Finally, we discovered the Youth Loans available through FSA (farm Services Agency). And boy, that made all the difference!

FSA provides small loans to children ages 11 - 20 to start an agribusiness. Annika wrote a business proposal, and was awarded a $5000 low-interest loan. She bought 5 sheep, 2 guard llamas, some fencing and materials, and started her own little fiber business. She sells fiber online, and spins for her own enjoyment.

Through this project she has learned a lot - keeping record, giving medicines and vaccines, shearing, rotational grazing, breeding, marketing, and more. (She has a website - the second one in my sig line)

I'm not trying to say that your teens should get FSA loans, and become farmers. Only to suggest that if they do have a special interest, there may be funds and programs out there to encourage them. If you want help exploring this, post their interests and maybe someone at this forum can point you in the right direction for more information.

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Postby 4given » Thu Apr 16, 2009 6:08 am


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Postby vmsgirl71 » Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:10 am

As many know by now over the last few days that I am new to home schooling as well. My son, 14, is leaving his public school on Friday (tomorrow)
. I'm doing it this way simply to see if my son's sped ed teacher replies to my email regarding his transitional IEP AND to give Brandon an opportunity to let his friends know he won't be back and to get some phone numbers, emails, etc.
Of course his spec ed teacher never did reply nor call me so after B's psych visit tomorrow, I am going to the school with my paperwork and stopping the maddness.
I decided to transition him slowly, but still do this right away. I am signing him up for ONE class of special interest just to show him that there are a lot of other kids locally who have chosen this path to a better education. He has chosen it and we'll work from there.
Due to his LD's, we're going to use a lot of audio visual materials. Do what your intuition tells you to do...and good Luck!! I give you a lot fo credit!! :D
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