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High School homeschool

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2014 6:33 pm
by mommapepp
Hello. I am new to homeschooling. We pulled our 10th grader out of public school and she is enrolled in in Connections Academy. We gave her the summer to "deschool", and talked to her about what was going to happen at the beginning of this year. She did not take us seriously. She does miserably in public school academically, socially she is fine. She has a very hard time focusing on learning anything that she does not find interesting or simply does not want to learn. I was prepared for her to put up a fight, and that she has done.

We want her to be prepared for life, not just going to a brick and mortar school socializing with her friends and thinking she can breeze through by doing the least she has to. We could not afford the Christian curriculum we wanted, so we decided to try Connections Academy. The website was very informative and everyone was very helpful, but no one could have prepared me for how much material is required and how much time simply learning to navigate through the system takes.

She cant seem to stay focused on the videos she has to watch or all the links required for her to get to the lesson material. She needs a lot of help with everything, and I'm unsure if she's just pretending she doesn't know what she's doing to make me think I should send her back to the public school she was in, or if it's really too much for her.

I stumbled upon a Christian based online homeschool curriculum that I liked immediately, and it's free, but at this point, Im not sure I can do this. I expected a struggle, but this child is even more hard headed and stubborn than I am. Im so overwhelmed.

I guess my questions would be, are there any others that have seen what the public school system is turning into, and pulled their high schooler out to home school? I don't think anything is impossible and it's never too late, I think Im just needing encouragement. Also, has anyone run into this issue with your child refusing to do the work, or being sloppy about it, not really reading things, guessing at answers, etc.? Should I just let her deschool some more, let it sink it a bit more? HELP!

Home schooling my daughter

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2014 12:24 pm
by Ephillips
I am a mom of 6 , but I am only home schooling my 10/11 grader , I am very new to home schooling and not really sure where to start.My daughter sounds about the same as yours!