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Please Help!

Postby Dawnv8 » Fri Jan 10, 2014 8:14 pm

I am withdrawing my 12 year old daughter from 7th grade half way through the school year. She has been in a private Christian school in Georgia since pre-k. Our family has gone through, and is continuing to go through, a lot of stress, turmoil and uncertainty and it has taken a toll on us all, especially my daughter. She was diagnosed with ADD 2 years ago, but I believe the stress at home has played a big part in her lack of focus. She just finished her first semester at school where they use the A Beka curriculum and because of her anxiety she missed so much school and despite her teachers best efforts she didn't pass any of her classes. I need some suggestions on where to start. I am looking for a curriculum that has some structure, but isn't boring. Someone suggested Switched On Schoolhouse. After looking it over I think it might be good for some subjects but I don't want her to sit at the computer all the time. I would like to mix up the curriculum a bit, but not get too complicated since we are new to this. I really need my hand held a little just to get started. Can anyone suggest a specific plan of different curriculums for different subjects that you would or have used starting at 7th grade level for a child who isn't fond of reading. She is very creative, she likes fashion, singing, dancing and such, but I am not creative and also have a lot on my plate so I really need some guidance. I don't want her to get too far behind. Please Help!

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