7 Grade cirruculum advice

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7 Grade cirruculum advice

Postby once_again » Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:19 pm

Hi! :o
I just pulled my 7 grader DS out of school last week. It was not planned. So far we work only on math which I have 7 grade book here.
I am FOREIGN here in the US, and never attended school here. I have no clue how to teach such subjects as English and civics.
I desperately need advice on what curruculum we'd use for geo, civics, English?
We are good with math and science (I have books), but other subjects are an unknown zone for me. Please Help!!! )))
I would join a virtual curruculum, but only for civics and English.
Any suggestions, please?
We are up to secular education.

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