Preparing for Homeschooling... A mothers major JITTERS!

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Preparing for Homeschooling... A mothers major JITTERS!

Postby BritishMummy85 » Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:34 am


My husband and I decided to homeschool when my first child was just a baby, and I have two toddlers now, the eldest is just 3. We decided this because we both agreed that what children learn in schools (or at least the ones we had experienced) is very lacking, and we wanted to try and give our children a well rounded 'real life', safe experience of learning practical, important things. My husband is very accademic whereas I found it really hard to get through school and never went on to higher learning etc but we both found our 'Official Learning experiences' very unorganised, hectic and yet also empty of lasting value.

We have chosen a curriculum which we have already purchased and been through and various other bits, and have lots of preschool materials, including 'What Your Preschooler Should Know' books. I read often to my children and they play various games and do activities etc, but we haven't started anything official yet (due to the children not yet being old enough) and secretly I am TERRIFIED.

I guess maybe I lack confidence in myself because sometimes it takes me a long time to understand even basic concepts (I am very poor at Maths for example), although my husband has done a degree and suchforth so we are in many ways polar opposites. I'm having the old 'homeschooling jitters' because I'm thinking if I did poorly in school, how can I (Me???) then properly educate my children? My husband says there's no need to worry as they do provide answers in the back of the books, and we can inlist help, and I AM looking forward to learning WITH my kids afresh, although there is a rather large part of me that is wondering just how this can work when I barely got any 'A' grades beyond 'middle school', and I can just imagine people all around me asking how I can educate when I'm no 'real' teacher. Y'know the types, in social situations, and even some members of family.. I just wanted to know of any other mum's experiences in this regard, or stories of encouragement. This year we are meant to make preparations to get our eldest into Primary School (or not), ready for next September, and this has highlighted that I really need to get mentally organised, feel free-er and more relaxed about what I am doing, because inside I know it is the right choice. Soon we will have to give people answers when they ask our plans and I am really frightened. I've never been overly confident, and even though I am convinced to do this, in social situations (or rather when under pressure from prying people) I seem to get so tongue tied and all the 'head knowledge' goes out the window!

My 3 year old is already learning to read, and really enjoys it- as we are following a book called The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading which seems to go down a treat. My youngest almost knows all his alphabet in lower and uppercase, as my eldest did by the age of 2, so I am definately making an effort. I want to do the best for my children and I do feel that it is my responsibility rather than primarily someone else's. I just feel that I am failing in some way, in between stories and activities, reading and so on I feel like I just don't know what to do with them. Like I'm almost scared of silence, as if it is a product of laziness... I know this is rubbish, and my kids are happy to just play with a box so they're fine, but why can't I relax? I can't take them out to do physical things much as I have a condition which means I'm usually in a fair amount of pain, but I am not worried about that because we have friends and family for help there. I just feel very much under pressure by our official descisions or rejecting mainstream school, (it's kind of made it all real now!!) and I've hit an emotional brick wall where I've run out of zest for doing new things, and feel uninspired.

The kids are at that in-between stage with a lot of their toys, where one wants to play and the other wants to just eat the toy or stuff the Crayola down the sofa or whatever, so again I find myself wondering 'what DO you do with Pre-Preschool age children (2 & 3) every day?' I think I am longing for some sort of structure, where I can tick the boxes to convince myself I am being productive each day with them, because quite often it all seems so chaotic and I get so tired! I feel guilty for thinking this way because if I am worried now about what I should be doing with them (or rather, that I am doing ENOUGH to stimulate and teach them each day) what will I be like when they are actually school age, and I have to constantly answer people who think I have no right to be doing what I am doing?? My husband says he will help and is sure things will be OK, that I'm just nervous, and he's probably right, but I want to get over feeling like this!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A British soon-to-be homeschooling 'Officially' Mummy.. x

Has anyone else been through something like this? Please, any help of suggestions, or your own experiences would be much appreciated.

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Postby hscoach » Wed Apr 10, 2013 5:53 pm

I do think there are lots of other new homeschool moms who feel exactly like you do~ please know you are not alone.

I think you just have to come to the point where you feel comfortable and confident with your decision to homeschool your children (and all other decisions regarding their care) and you don't care what anyone else thinks.

This may take time.

My oldest son is 19 and I am VERY confident...........BUT I've seen the end result.........the final product -- of homeschooling. He is doing college work now and he graduated last June from high school. At his graduation, I was grateful to see what a fine young man he had become and I truly believe that homeschooling him was the best decision I've ever made.

I know this is hard to do, but please IGNORE any negative comments from friends or family when you announce your decision to homeschool. Any negative comments come from IGNORANCE in the true sense of the word. People are simply not educated about the benefits and advantages of homeschooling. They will see how great your children are doing after a while and they will come around. You can administer achievement tests and have the scores in hand to prove how well they are doing when they are a little older. Also, you might be surprised to find that you will receive lots of positive reactions to the fact that you are homeschooling.

I can tell they are already doing great!! Play is very important when they are young. They learn through play..... and reading to them (as you already know) is the BEST thing you can do - to create a love of reading and a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

You are going to be a wonderful teacher and you are right, you WILL learn new things right along with them. And your husband is right -- the answers are in the back of the book. Also, there are many programs on the computer, etc. so that you don't even have to do any of the teaching if you don't want to.

Relax and enjoy them while they are young because they grow up FAST. Treasure every moment! Here is a link for an article that I love about what your 4 year old should know:

Best wishes as you begin homeschooling.

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