Don't now where to start

Having problems figuring out where to start? Let other homeschoolers offer you some advice!

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Don't now where to start

Postby lov2bmom » Fri Mar 22, 2013 2:40 pm

Hi, this year I'm thinking of homeschooling, I have been giving it a lot of though since my oldest was 3 years old and finally decided to do it next year. I have three kids, two of them are in school 1st and 3rd grades. Most days they like their school (is a great private school) and they are in the honor roll. Even thou, the teachers tell me that there doing well in their classes I sense that there are lot of things been left out. Also another problem is that there is a lot of work most of the school days and sometimes on weekends I spent 3 to 4 hours doing homework and studying for test. Once my oldest had, between quizzes and test, 7 in one week. Uff!! :shock: The teacher says that she does not like to give so much but that the school requires them to do so. My oldest son is always saying he gets bored and that he never has time to play and he is right. With my 8 year old boy it has been a little hard finding the best school for him. He is very intelligent. He entered kindergarten when he was four, the teacher wanted me to jump him another grade but i said no. He is very active. When I ask the teachers about how he is doing and the only problem he has is staying in his seat. He is super social and loving but because he is one of the youngest in his grade (others are a year older) the other kids take advantage of that.

I am now looking for a curriculum that fits him but that has a little structure at least for my first year of homeschooling.

Would love to hear you feedback


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Postby hscoach » Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:37 pm

Hi, here is a site that might be helpful for you:

I know it can be so overwhelming when you first start homeschooling...especially choosing curriculum. You might want to buy "used" so that you don't put too much money into it, in case you end up not liking it. It can also be helpful to actually get your hands on the curriculum, so if you can go to a homeschool used curriculum fair or a bookstore, that would be great.

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