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need advice from parents of teen homeschoolers

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:05 pm
by pepper12
My son is very young, only 7 months, but I am already thinking about his education. Long before I had kids I was very interested in homeschooling. My fiance is a bit on the fence.

When he was in school he thrived on the social interactions. He is very nervous that our son will be teased and wont have the fun experiences that he had as a teen.

I know better than this. I know that he will have friends and that we will be very involved in the community. I cannot promise that he will attend a prom but I know that he can have a wonderful childhood full of great memories.

can anyone with a teen who is homeschooled give me some good examples of the experiences your child has as a homeschooler? My fiance is not against the idea but he has never been one to go against the grain and he is very nervous that everyone we know will be against this and that it will damage our child.

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:38 pm
by hscoach
Homeschooling definitely does not damage your child. On the contrary, it will make your child a better person. Homeschooling is quite popular and your husband might be surprised that he would get a positive response from others. Even if he doesn't, you both should make decisions for your child that you know will be best..........don't base your decisions on the opinions of others.

My teenage sons have attended homeschool co-ops and classes, played sports in the community, worked part time jobs, been involved in church activities, done volunteer work and yes, they have attended homeschool and public school proms. Today homeschoolers have lots of opportunities to make friends and be involved in social activities with other teens. It simply is not a problem at all. They are not labeled as weird or different. Just have your husband go online and look up some homeschool support groups..........he can see photos of normal looking kids at homeschool activities and proms.