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The change to the product orientation benefits and the prevalence of foam has driven most of the interest occurring in the buffer and buffer category.

Promoting this new interest in the mattress supplier of the United States has become the growing concern of consumers for better health and sleep and reduce demand for pads as protective fences. Recent trends have faded the boundaries between the buffer and traditional toppers, which are used to enhance the sleeping surface of the mattress. Now moderate pads and a better price usually include some improved sleep surfaces.
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Ron Murphy, Vice president of the facilities Laura Ashley of Hollander Home Fashions, said that remarkable influence had been an innovative story that helps this genre boost sales. "Mattresses do not change all recent except fabrication. Consequently, Hollander is trying to bring innovation and some excitement to this category with two new items we have developed over the past eight months, "he added.

One of Holland's patented innovations must do with the construction. Its new cuddle bed ' mattress cushions are offering a side wall beside the three comfortable height for a good sleeping experience, preferably, preferably. The selection has a high one-inch loft, an ultimate loft A and three quarter or a stand by a half and one and a quarter, increased number of support. The cuddled ' Supersedes pads are priced to fluctuate from $29.99 to $49.99, depending on the level of the loft.

The other innovation of Hollander relates to the filling. The company's Dreamy Nights buffer has the replacement cluster down unlike conventional bonded polyester material as well as a triangular one-inch canvas for the head pillow feeling. Hollander borrowed this technology from the business of his pillow and applied it to the pads, knowing that cluster shelving can move with the body and help eliminate pressure points. Picture of the cluster fibers are shown on the packaging, so the consumer can see what's inside the pads and better decision if it has priced 49.99 dollars for the queen size.

"I think the industry has tried to make their products differ each year, but there are many ways to change the construction by fabric, a number only, etc.", Murphy explained. "So far, we've been a great success in selling this story to retailers so they can have something new to sell in the buffer. "

He said consumers understand that these products can prolong the mattress's longevity and enhance sleep, and they are willing to pay more money. "If you talk to the consumer and can show them a reason why they should trade, they will do so," Murphy said. "You must explain how the product will improve their sleep. "
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Murphy said: "In fact, the boundary between the lining and toppers was faint when the vendors concentrated on raising the sleep experience instead of protecting the mattress. That's really about the benefits, "Murphy said.

According to Scott Waiters, director of product development of Louisville Bed Company, "More and more consumers buy pads for comfort – mostly due to the spa's comfort trend and hotel. People are following this trend and shifting it to their own home. "

Walters continued: "There is an ongoing change for features geared to higher performance, this has influenced some trading segmentation. We think that traditional mattress panels will switch to fabrics on mattress surfaces such as double and circular knitted fabrics with more beautiful surfaces and surfaces. "

From many fill perspectives, Walters said the industry had reached a wall on the various things that it can do to make the pads unique. "Have the opportunity for some new and filled work," Walters said. "Packaging is essential. Talking about the benefits that the product brings is essential. We don't make any country ads as an industry, so there's no perception like in the mattress business. "


Joe Blazar, Director of marketing for the Consumer product department at Leggett & Platt, said: "The bedroom has become a paradise for most people today. People live on the bed as they do on the usual sofa. They can use toppers to improve their bed experience and add comfort. "

The impact of the dollar is the driver, he said, because this is the higher ticket item that does not occupy much space. "It is the foam that creates comfort that provides the enhancement, " he added. "Down is still one of the top properties in this category because of the warmth that it provides and the visual presentation that it offers. "

Blazar believes that the new industry begins to see consumers reacting with foam and sales will start to reflect this tendency "the foam is causing consumers to be modified by buying new pillow and buying pillows or upgrading pads or toppers", he added that there would be more active this fall with the retailers aggressively hitting this category.

Fritz Kruger, the vice president of the Pacific Coast Feather, who said: "When the pillow is gone, it has to put the mattress cushion into operation. It used to be a very sleepy category, and everyone was forced to rethink the position. Also emphasizes the importance of new benefit orientation. "Previously, it is about the sleeping skirt that fits the things no, and now focuses more on the benefits that each product brings. " Kruger said. "It's a more shopping category that has improved its services, how distinct it is and the benefits that it offers. "
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Later, he pointed out the development of the mattress industry with newer selections of air mattresses and elastic foam. "A new mattress is a way to strengthen your sleep, but also add layers with thread beds, feather beds and toppers of mattresses, " he said.

Geriatric boom looking to buy these kinds of products offers a more favorable fact. "Bed linen, , and elastic head all feel different and operate differently, so the consumers try to type which suit them. "
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