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Real life

Postby 3GiftsFromGod » Tue May 22, 2007 12:15 pm

Hello everyone! I have been posting and lurking on this forum for just a little while and I must say I love it here! I am not yet a homeschooling mom, but this September I will start preK with my DD. I just wanted to get a word out to all the other newbies...on top of reading in this great forum, I met with a local group of HS moms. It was wonderful! The meeting was business at first and about 20 people in all, but after the meeting five veteran moms grabbed me and the chips and sat me down to ask them questions until I felt satisfied. We talked and laughed and cried until one in the morning and I think the time was well spent. What I learned was there is no formula to make it work, everyone does it their own way, and sometimes even a different way for each child! Money doesn't have to be a huge factor, and I need to make a list of reasons why. Each mom said she made a list of why to homeschool, and they use the list to encourage themselves when times get tough, and to answer questions when rude people ask why. I was told to think of at least 5 positive reasons, and 5 negative reasons to HS. For example: Positive- Because we love our DD and want Christ at the center of her life, and Negative- 80% of Public Schooled children lose their faith in college. (The percentage isn't exact I know). SO I learned something wonderful and I thought I would share. Get out there and talk!

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Postby mdsmomct » Tue May 22, 2007 6:21 pm

I agree. My ds is only 2.5 and I joined a local group. We just met them for the first time a few weeks ago and everyone was wonderful and welcoming. I look forward to all I can learn from them as "veterans" and for my son to make life long friends of all ages!

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