Are my wife and I too dumb to homeschool?

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Are my wife and I too dumb to homeschool?

Postby JimK » Fri Feb 03, 2006 8:01 am

Both my wife and I have 4 year college degrees, mine in Computer Information Systems, hers in Early Childhood Education. I work, she stays at home with our children (ages 3 and 1). She's worked in daycare and preschools before we had children and some of the horror stories behind that are what led us to keeping the kids home with her instead of sending them to one. Both of our kids seem to be learning quicker in this envirnment then a lot of her former students. Naturally we have been contemplating home schooling. My concern is that we won't be adequate teachers. She clearly has the skills for the early childhood years, but when they start to reach high school age I'm concerned that we won't be able to properly educate them. We're both weak in the area of mathematics (and consequently physics). I had a poor math education as a child and don't want my kids to suffer anything similar (in any topic) because my wife and I are 'rocket scientists'. Does anyone else have this concern? How do you cope with this situation and these fear?

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Homeschooling does not mean you can't use outside sources...

Postby Theodore » Fri Feb 03, 2006 3:46 pm

Homeschooling does not mean that it's against the rules to use outside sources. If you're weak in math, then just enroll your kids in online / community college / homeschool co-op courses when they reach the end of your ability to teach. Or take the courses yourself a bit ahead of time. Either way, don't worry about it. The most important part of education is the foundation, and I assume you can handle at least up through early high school?

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Postby Princess_Fyara » Sun Feb 05, 2006 8:35 pm

You'll do great! The truth is, when us Homeschooled kids get about Highschool age, we have learned how to learn what ever we want. Meaning, most of what your kids learn after about the age of 12 will probably not be what you teach them specifically, but what they willingly persue (within your guidlines). Everyone has weak points in education and Homeschooling your children will equip them with the the "know how" to "learn how" no matter what comes up. If you miss something along the way, picking it up late is really not a problem. The problem you don't want to have is Children who don't know how to learn aside from what they are taught specifically. Build the thinking abilities of these young'ns and you'll see it go a long way.

btw, there is a great online math "game" for sharpening up on that end, at

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Postby Celeste » Fri Apr 28, 2006 2:06 am

Wow! With your wife's education and yours, your over qualified! just kidding. I was very nervous about homeschooling my daughter (we started the middle of her 9th grade year.) My husband has a Bachelors Degree and I have an A.A. I found that by going over the lessons the night before teaching her, and refreshing the material myself helped greatly. We also started with the basics, even though I had helped her or checked her homework all the years she was in public school, I quickly found that she weak in areas like multiplication and basic language arts, parts of speech. I also spent time reviewing things like study skills, research skills, essay writing and had her read constantly. (all those things you review your first year of college anyhow) I than started Alpha Omega lifepacs. Now she is in 11th grade and finishing her high school with Penn Foster online High School, she is completely independent with her studies and only once in a while needs are help. She has yet to receive less than an 85% on any test! You could check out some online blogs from home schooled high schoolers too, to help ease your mind. Good luck!

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Postby Celeste » Fri Apr 28, 2006 2:22 am

I'm so sorry, for some reason I thought you were getting ready to homeschool a high schooler! Anyhow, you have many years ahead of you before you have to make that decision. Just take it one day or year at a time, and you'll both do great! :)

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Postby Learn » Mon May 01, 2006 11:24 pm

New to this forum. New to the topic.

But here is a thought:

You are smarter than the alternative - the average teacher at the public high school. Becoming a teacher takes a lot less work in college than what you did.

Then factor in the full attention your kid will get versus the alternative's attention being divided..18, 25, 30+ different ways?

If you can get a college degree, you are probably smart enough to hs your kids. With the computer aided tools out there now, you should do well.

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