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New dilema

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 7:28 pm
by novo4
Sorry for asking so much advice from all of you! Well, my dd(9)overheard me discussing the possibility of homeschooling with my mom and LOVES the idea. Problem is that my husband is completely against it. I had mentioned it to him feeling it was a good idea for my 14 year old and he doesn't want to hear any of it. He is very mindset in his thought. He had only missed a couple of days of school when he was seriously ill(in all 12 years!) and feels kids should be there, not at home.
SOOOOO, my thought was to maybe do a practice run over the summer and show him how good it is for the kids, what do all of you think? My daughter just came out from her room to ask if we can please do it for just the 5th grade! She loves school so I find this odd, but she says she wants me to teach her I explain things better. Any suggestions for getting hubby on board??

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 8:45 pm
by Mark
doing some things over the Summer might help, it sort of depends upon
why he is so set against it.


Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 2:25 am
by keptwoman
I had a similar situation, what I did was get lots of books on homeschooling and sit and read them when I was around DH (actually it's all I read about and looked at on the internet for months) Then I'd read out interesting bits to DH 8)
Things I focused on were the academic performance of homeschooled kids and the "socialisation issue" It didn't take long to get him to agree to a trial of it and after 4 months he is a huge fan because of the changes in our son.

Plus we both get to have a hand in his education. Because I was feeling a bit out of my depth with the Flight unit, my scientifically minded DH took over and they are building planes and all sorts of other cool stuff.
So perhaps you could sell it to him as an opportunity to be more involved?

I think that you need to find out what exactly your DH is concerned about and then you can address it with your research.