HELP! Newbie here....

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HELP! Newbie here....

Postby Heather » Thu Mar 01, 2007 5:39 pm

Hi. I am currently in the process of pulling my 10 year old son out of his horrid school and intend to homeschool him. I had considered starting in the Fall, but for various reasons I just cannot allow him to finish the alst 3 months at this school so I need to get on the ball now.

I am in Arkansas. Does anyone know of any helpful links?

Also I need a little more understanding regarding this. Is the best way to go about this to simply look at the requirements for his grade level and meet those with workbooks/curriculum that I buy myself?

How do I deal with records and grades?

I considered enrolling him in the A Beka program, but I just HATE the thought of spending all that money for just three months! Is there anyway I can keep my own, legitimate records?

If he decides to go back to public school what will they do? Test him to see what grade he qualifies for?

I understand that I'll have to spend SOME money, but if I can shrink it to as little as possible and keep my own records without having to pay someone else to do it then I'd really prefer to do that.



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Postby Mark » Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:44 pm

We keep our own records here in Tx.
I'll look for the applicablke links for you regarding Arkasas.

meanwhile, for curriculumn, yes, you could most likely pull something
together for the last three months. :)

Keeping costs down, we tend to go with used books where we can
and fill in. With Abeka stuff you can get the books used, and then
order the tests, etc new from them.


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Postby Theodore » Thu Mar 01, 2007 11:12 pm

The Education Alliance: Arkansas State Rules and Regulations (contains link to [url=]Arkansas Department of Education pdf)

Home School Legal Defense Association: Arkansas Home School Laws

Compulsory age is 5-17 (see above links for info on how that works), notice of intent is required, and state-mandated tests are required for grades 3-9. Other than that, Arkansas has no legal requirements for homeschooling.

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