any suggestions for a first time, second week hs mom of 6yr

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any suggestions for a first time, second week hs mom of 6yr

Postby bowenwendyrb » Sat Feb 24, 2007 4:38 pm

hi im a mom to a 2,6,&17 yr old. im 24 and have researched homeschooling until my fingers are numb and still can not find any specifics as to what to teach my 6 yrold. ALTHOUGH last monday i got fed up with the ps and pulled her out. we went and got a computer and some workbooks from various places. she kept getting in trouble for talking, something she's never done much of, not finishing her work. from what i can tell, she's gotten bored. all the papers she brings home is stuff i already taught her before she went to school in the first place. she gets tired of coloring all the time. so we set out on a new adventure. already she loves staying home with me and her sister and when some adult says "AWW,you dont get to go to school" she replies "i dont have to go to school i stay home and do homeschool with mommy and i like it" funny huh? a 6yr old standing up for what she wants to an adult. the books we bought are for a 1st grade level and she is excelling, wanting to do her work 24/7. what an improvement in only a week she wears me out with all the work she wants to do. :lol: anyways any suggestions as to what else im suppose to teach her would be appreciated. we are already doing math (counting bys, addition, subtraction) reading, writing we do art projects with painting etc, she plays outside in the evenings on the monkeybars and stuff. anything else? :P :?:

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Postby elliemaejune » Sun Feb 25, 2007 4:43 am

Congratulations on having the gumption to start in the middle of the school year :-)

Actually, what you're doing sounds fine to me. As time goes on you could add something simple for history and science; even reading books from the library are fine for a little person her age.

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Postby andall » Tue Feb 27, 2007 12:06 pm

I admire you for making that brave decision and you are so young 24...I am double your age and don't have the guts to homeschool and I know that is the only way I can help my children ( 12,9) boys. Thank God my oldest is going to graduate this year, poor thing I let him go thru the torture of all those years in school. I guess I am not brave enough to comfront everything that people are going to tell me. Specially my family.
Did you file that Affidavit first and then pulled her out. I guess I need to know with detail what to do exactly.

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Re: any suggestions for a first time, second week hs mom of

Postby Ramona » Tue Mar 06, 2007 3:25 pm

bowenwendyrb wrote: can not find any specifics as to what to teach my 6 yrold.

Your program so far sounds great. If you want to see other suggestions, try the Worldbook Encyclopedia website. They have a list of typical curriculum for each grade. has both a suggested schedule and a suggested reading list for each grade 1-11.

I found a book called *What Your First-Grader Needs to Know* in my public library that was a nice, advanced curriculum for kids who are ahead of their age-group peers in the public school.


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