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New Mama in Town!

Postby Mama_of_3Boys » Tue Jan 10, 2006 1:36 pm

HI to all of you out there. I am in the process of getting all and any info on homeschooling I can get my hands on. My oldest son is in public school now, (1st grade) and we would really like to home educate starting in the fall. Our middle son will be in Kinder next year. So I am hear to learn as much as I can and make conections with other homeschooling families out there.

Question 1: :D There are so many options out there for curriculum. Where do I begin?!! Over the summer we bought the Hooked on Phonic's program and my son made leaps and bounds campaired to where "they" said he should be for 1st grade. I think he is doing quiet well still but where he is for reading and what they expect him to be by the END of grade 1 do able, but not they way they are teaching. And with no time at home after school to do the HOP he isn't proceeding as fast in reading. Math he stuggles with a bit as far as they tell me. So how do I determin what level of cuuiculum to get and what company. We are strong Christians and what to teach Christian material but it doesn't ALL have to be Christian based. You know what I mean?? I have several personal contacts and they all strongly believe in different curriculum :shock:! Any ideas would be great.

Oh oh oh, almost forgot. I have read in several books now to make sure to register and get a membership with HSLDA. BUt many people I have asked say it isn't worth it. How many have and haven't out there??

Thanks for any and all help in advance! :D
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HSLDA membership is basically insurance against the gov't...

Postby Theodore » Tue Jan 10, 2006 4:39 pm

HSLDA membership is basically insurance against the government. It entitles you to free (aside from the membership fee) legal representation by lawyers experienced in homeschooling issues. Some states are very friendly to homeschoolers and unlikely to bother you, in which case HSLDA membership is perhaps not absolutely essential, but if you happen to live in a state with more restrictive laws, it's good to have HSLDA there as backup in case the state decides that you aren't fulfilling the law properly. HSLDA can probably also help with things like getting your son access to public school sports and extracurriculars, if your local school decides to be a pain and not let him participate.
Apparently, Washington is one of the more restrictive states. If you have the money for HSLDA membership, you should join HSLDA.

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Ref: mommy of three

Postby SOPHIE » Thu Jan 12, 2006 11:26 am

If you're not sure where your son is at academically, where he does well in some areas and struggles in others, I would recommend the School of Tomorrow pace program. You can check out their They use diagnostic testing for all grade levels, even for kindergarten, so you know for sure where they perform well and place them in the appropriate spot academically. This is a good choice especially if you want something that's pre-packaged. It is also Biblically based, strong on character development. It can take the stress and worry out of the 'catching up in this subject or that' for the parent and the child.
All the best to you as you prepare for homeschooling!

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