Teaching about Texas

Anything specific to homeschooling in the state of Texas.

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Teaching about Texas

Postby DanHat » Wed Apr 28, 2021 2:55 am

Hi everyone, proud Dallas native right here. So I've been tryting to teach mine about the history of our great state and I realised there's a lot out there but I've been struggling to find some really great, kid friendly stuff to teach them. I found this one pack of fun games and stuff (https://www.twinkl.co.za/resource/us-ss-13-free-texas-taster-resource-pack) but I'm not sure it's really what I'm looking for.

Anyone got any good recommendations for where to start with teaching my kids about their home state?

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Re: Teaching about Texas

Postby hebemiley » Mon May 27, 2024 12:42 am

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