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Postby Regina Hogsten » Thu Jun 05, 2008 9:24 pm

When planting flowers or herbs in hanging pots or planters, try perennials.
You can even combine perennials with annuals, but will have to replant annuals next year.

Here are a few that I have had success with in containers.
French Tarragon is a perennial herb. It is planted in a floor container which sits on the deck. It grow back every year lasting all season. Adds flavor to fish recipes. I chopped some today to use in an Aioli sauce.

Lemon Balm, spearmint, and catmint are controlled easier in a container and make a pretty display.
Sometimes sage endures the winter weather and other times, I have had to replace it.

Carnation, Sweet William, Blue Daze, and Campanella make pretty hanging baskets.

Some I have to bring in the house for the winter like hibiscus and asparagus fern. (They are not perennials in my zone.)

A few years ago, I planted a Nandina bush, which struggled to grow in the garden, in a large pot. It has thrived and endured the winter in a large container and adds a lot of color to the deck.

I am trying Everbearing Strawberries this year to see what will happen.

I have certainly killed a lot of plants trying to figure out what does and doesn't work.

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