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Garden for Kids

Postby Regina Hogsten » Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:41 am

Give each child a hanging pot, patio container, or window box of his own. For the spring, teach how to sow lettuce (there are many varieties) and what to do to take care of the little garden. Add some spring onions cause they come up quickly and don't take much space. Or, try beets or radishes. For the summer, try another plant such as herbs, patio tomatoes, pepper plant, or sow a summer variety of lettuce. When picking lettuce don't pull up plant by roots to harvest. Tear off outer leaves close to ground level. The plant will continue to produce. When it goes to seed, then pull it up.
You could:
Make a science project by keeping a calendar of weather, when planted, watered, how long to germinate, to go to seed, soil composition, observations, how does it taste. ... Draw plants, make a recipe.
Or, just enjoy planting and watching.


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Postby momo3boys » Wed Mar 26, 2008 8:05 pm

I have these great little greenhouses with little peat circles for the seeds.My 3yo is loving the fact that every morning he can see how much his plants have grown. He is growing cucumbers and watermelon. We are also growing a pumpkin seed in the window because he wanted to see the roots grow too. Just put a seed is wet paper towels, and then in a quart ziploc bag, and tape it to a window and wait. it is really neat to see.
We are also taking date stamped pictures of all the seed trays we have to see what the germination periods are and how fast they come up.

As long as they get to play in the dirt and see something grow they are happy!! :D
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