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3 Games to Play with Laser Pegs

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 4:26 pm
by joseph.james330
Are you ready to use your Laser Pegs® in a new way? These three games will combine your construction pieces with creativity and result in a fabulous way to spend quality time together:

Collaborative Build

For this game, gather your pieces together. One person snaps a brick to the 3D Lite Board, then it's another player's turn. Continue taking turns, adding one piece at a time, and see what you can build.

You could set a time limit (5 to 10 minutes), set a piece limit (50 to 75), or just build until all players declare the structure done. Take a picture of your creation and post it on the Laser Pegs® Facebook page—we'd love to see what you built!

Build in the Dark

Pick a category for your build, and then shut off the lights. Using only the light from the Laser Pegs®, each player builds something from that category. Here are some ideas to get you started:
• Buildings
• Vehicles
• Animals
• Jobs
• Outer Space
• Nature

Move and Build

This game encourages movement and is a fun way to burn off some energy in the cold winter months. Simply set a container of Laser Pegs® on one end of the room, then put the 3D Lite Board on the other end of the room.

Players must run across the room to get a piece before running back to the board and building. They can only select one piece at a time.

Instead of running, challenge your children to do the following on their way to the container:
• Walk
• Crawl
• Skip
• Bear walk
• Crab walk
• Slither like a snake
• Bunny hop
• Frog jump

Your children will get some exercise while building. They'll also have to plan what piece they're going to need, helping improve critical thinking skills.

What games do you play with your Laser Pegs®?