Laser Peg Art: How To Boost Your Homeschool Portfolio Using

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Laser Peg Art: How To Boost Your Homeschool Portfolio Using

Postby joseph.james330 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 10:59 am

Although most homeschool teachers would probably agree that the work of teaching their own children is a joy and privilege, many would also have to acknowledge that the work of documenting the unique educational journey of each child can be daunting---and dry. Nevertheless, many states require that homeschool teachers submit to some form of regular review to ensure that the students under their instruction are receiving all that they should. Often, the central focus of the review is a "portfolio" or tangible collection of student work. Generally, that portfolio is meant to provide a relevant sampling of school-related materials which demonstrate the depth and breadth of the work each student has covered during the period under review. While state requirements vary, portfolio reviews almost always involve paper---and lots of it.

Fortunately, some homeschooling parents have found ways to migrate away from traditional, paper-intensive reviews in favor of meetings that are more interactive, hands-on, and fun. One such parent, Andrea Smith, uses photo, video, and Laser Peg technology to "spice up" her students' portfolios and aid her reviewers.
"About four years ago, my county contact told me about a Mom who had gone paperless with her portfolio presentations. Shortly afterward, I did some research, learned how to create my own Windows Movies, and began taking pictures of the children "in action" during the school day. I snapped pictures of whatever I could, and soon learned what it took to create a winning slideshow. Pictures of the children quietly listening made for nice slide show content, but the best and most interesting photos were always the ones that showed them laughing, playing, or creating something. That's where Laser Pegs came in.

One year, we bought our two oldest children Laser Pegs for Christmas, and everyone in our home fell in love with them. The ease of construction, vivid colors, and flashing lights made the toy marvelous. The children created all kinds of contraptions with those pegs, and then it hit me. Why not take a series of Laser Peg photos for our upcoming review?

That's exactly what I did---and it was a big hit! When review time rolled around, I queued up our video---which included a beautiful series of bright and colorful peg projects---and the reviewer was completely enthralled. The children's use of the pegs had relevance, not only from an artistic point of view, but also from a STEM perspective. From the interlocking parts to the use of electricity, light, and color---the Laser Peg toy really wowed the reviewer and helped her to appreciate our family's commitment to creating a homeschooling environment where learning was a stimulating delight rather than a mundane chore.

I think the Laser Peg Toy is an excellent way to engage any child, but I especially favor Laser Pegs for homeschooling families who seek to create an environment where learning and experimentation are a way of life."
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