Want to advertise in the forum? Here's where.

The one place in the forum where you can freely advertise your local events, services, commercial products, etc. Let others see what you have to offer!

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Want to advertise in the forum? Here's where.

Postby Theodore » Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:03 pm

Regardless of forum policy, people are constantly posting about their web sites, services, commercial products. I figured it was time we compromise a bit by creating an area just for that. Go wild!

Note, however - this forum is national and international, and as such is not necessarily the best place on our site to advertise if you want a quick response for something local. For that, I do recommend an ad on one of the pages in our groups area:

We also offer banners, buttons, text ads, etc. across our site, and mailings to our opt-in list of 15,000 subscribers. For more information on that, you can contact us here:

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