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Benjamin Eby
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Christian Violin Lessons Online

Postby Benjamin Eby » Thu Feb 18, 2021 3:49 am

Dear Homeschool World Forum Members,

My name is Benjamin Eby, and I am a Christian violin teacher, offering private online violin lessons. While I am glad to teach any child or adult that is willing to learn, I am especially interested in Christian homeschool students. Let me tell you a little about myself:

I began studying violin at the age of five. My parents were committed Christians. They spent four years on the mission field in Kenya, East Africa, my father preaching and teaching in a small college for training indigenous pastors, and my mother running a small clinic. Both Mom and Dad were trained in music. My mom played piano (and gave me my first piano lessons), and my father played trombone.

While all of my training was in classical music, the emphasis is my family was always serving the LORD with music in church. I literally grew up playing in church, and playing for the honor of my Savior is for me the most natural thing, like breathing.

After completing my studies with my high-school teachers, including Anna Tringas of Pensacola, FL, I studied at university as a violin performance major, first at Bob Jones University, and then at the Cleveland Institute of Music, and Cleveland State University. It was during this time that I began teaching privately. I have over ten years of teaching violin, in private lessons, in groups, and at summer music camps.

My hope for my students is that they will develop a deep commitment to the LORD, and will use their musical skill to honor and glorify the name of Jesus. I want them to continue in music for the rest of their lives, regardless of what they choose as their profession. Music can provide a way of expressing love for God. In my own life, I'm sure I have been blessed at least as much, and probably more, than any of my hearers. To be able to sound forth to God my great thankfulness for all His blessings through the medium of my violin has been a balm for my soul, that I would not trade for anything else on this earth. My prayer is that my students will experience the same blessings, and more!

If you and your child are interested in a free video conference to find out more, send and email to:

God Bless,

Benjamin Eby

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