GREAT ministry opportunity for Homeschoolers !!

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GREAT ministry opportunity for Homeschoolers !!

Postby sojourner » Sun Mar 14, 2010 5:53 am

Hello present and future leaders, Encouragers, and Servants of God !

As a fellow Encourager and Prayer ministry leader in my local congregation, I have found the use of audio a powerful tool to help others bring more of the truth of God into their daily lives. I, for example, have surrendered all my driving time to time to prayer as I listen to scripture and audio books from the great Saints of the past, like Andrew Murray, A.W. Tozer, Brother Lawrence, and the list goes on and on.

That's where a wonderful ministry opportunity comes in. There is a great need for so many books of the past to be put to MP3 format, which requires people to read and record books. There are no copyright issues on books older that @ 75 years, since there was no copyright law until then. You can find thousands of public domain books and teachings that can be put to audio. I find it VERY helpful to hand a Brother or Sister an audio book and challenge to use their windshield time for God and I have seen tremendous results as God speaks to them, but I need many many more books that have not been put to audio. To get started you can go to and volunteer. However, YOU can choose the book, read/record it to their specifications, and upload the end product. Then the whole world can access encouragement from God. I personally have many books I would like converted to audio. (write me !!)

So if you have time to and like to read, please write me. I can email you books that would be of great help in our prayer ministry. Each hour you dedicate to this effort will be multiplied by God a million-fold. I have seen this repeatedly. All you need is a computer, mic, and a quite place.



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