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LifePac 2nd Grade Curriculum 3 full sets w Teachers Edition

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2007 10:38 am
by georistian

I have 3 FULL hardly used LifePac sets that were just bought and recieved in August, they have a print date of April 2007. 10 workbooks + Teachers Editions all in the original boxes of the Math, History/Geography, Language Arts for the LifePac 2nd Grade Home School curriculum. I also have a Science Set which is slightly older but still in new condition but with a print date of 2003, I would ask an additional $20 for this set if your interested.

My son just got them in August. He only started a few weeks ago so we've only just started into the first book on each subject and he has used pencil in each book that has been used. The only markings in the teachers edition books is in the first few pages where I have calculated how many pages need to be completed for each workbook per subject per day to stay on a 180 day schedule (I have also written this on the front cover of each workbook).

Home School is just not for us and we would like to sell the books. The books are brand new other then the writing that I already talked about which you can either erase or purchase a new unit 1 book for each subject ($3 or $4 from

Like I said they have all of the workbooks, teachers editions and original boxes. LifePac is a great program. My son is just not into home school like we had hoped he would be and we are putting him back into school.

Please e-mail me at for more information if you are interested or call 303-750-3669. I paid over $200 for everything including the science set and I am looking for $150 ($170 if you'd like the Science set as well) but I am open to all offers.

I can also bring them to you, if you live in CO, I can ship them if you don't mind paying extra for the shipping I don't mind running them to the post office just give me your address and I will give you the exact shipping amount it will be. I am also moving to Indiana at the end of September so if your there or on the way maybe we can work something out. Let me know...thank you!

I would prefer to sell these all together but if your looking for just one set I will also sell them per set so just let me know what your looking for.

Thank you.