Where do I go from here (long)

Preschool readiness skills (birth to age 5) and the common developmental concerns of young children.

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Where do I go from here (long)

Postby sadonathan2009 » Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:10 pm

I was poorly homeschooled as a child, spending time in the library doing all the planning and prep work myself and for that I always felt like I missed out and sometimes comtemplate doing a refresher course (not necessary as I was always bright to where I didn't need to study) ...
that was background to understand my present concerns.

My daughter just turned two. She is incredibly bright; knows colors, shapes, body parts (even shoulder, cheek, etc.), numbers to 15, bunches of sing a long songs, and points out several letters (w, a, c, t, p, etc.) She also knows her animals such as a baby jaguar, dinosaur, horse, etc.

I work full time go to school part time and my question is where do I go from here and has anyone else homeschooled while working fulltime. We are a two parent family with an infant as well but my husband teaching is not an option as he struggled in school and is easily easily distracted so he watches the kids while I work because being a rest. manager I have too many hours for him to work without daycare and I wont do daycare.

Any tips on where do go from here we are trying not buy curriculm and do as much for free as possible) so simple suggestions on things to learn would be greatly appreciated.

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Postby Miss_Kristy » Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:53 pm

She's only 2. What's the rush? You're obviously doing fine with her since she knows so much already. Who taught her all that stuff? You and your hubby, right? So, keep it up.

Keep searching this site under Pre-school and readiness and you'll find hundreds of ideas and resources. Mostly free ones.

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A Great Age!

Postby bookletgeo » Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:41 pm

I was homeschooled in a wonderfully supportive environment where I was given all the tools and resources I needed and as much guidance as I needed. My daughter is 3 and we have one on the way. Lately, I've been feeling some pressure to make sure my daughter is at the level she "should" be at. Mostly because I want others to know that my husband and I are making the right choices. Over the last few days, I've been reminded strongly of the main philosophy of my parents in homeschooling me - that is that children love to learn and will learn easily and readily the subjects that they are interested in when it is time for them to learn it. Today I wrote a blog on the subject and started listing things that my daughter had learned. After I wrote for quite a while I realized that she is incredibly bright, that she has a firm grasp on a large number of subjects for her age and that our children are little sponges - they will soak up as much information as they can.

Sounds like you and your husband have already done a great job in helping her to learn about the world around her. For now, I wouldn't try and push any "formal" learning on her, but continue to foster that spirit of learning in which anything and everything that interests her is encouraged. One thing we do at our house is use every day objects in fun play to bring home educational points. For instance, the other day we got out two forks and I sat down in front of the refrigerator where we have some magnetic numbers. Then, I showed her how when we put one fork and one fork together we ended up with two forks. Once I was pretty sure she was grasping that concept I put "1+1=2" up in the magnetics on the fridge and explained how those symbols represented the real life stuff we had just done. After a little while you could see the light in her eyes as she began to grasp the concept. Now she delights in telling people 1+1=2. I don't think this means she has a firm grasp on addition, but she is beginning to learn the concept and we didn't have to buy anything special.
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