Proposed Survey for Home School leaders and Parents

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Proposed Survey for Home School leaders and Parents

Postby Shanelle » Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:57 pm

The purpose of this informal survey is to determine the need and market potential for a Bible training program. Based upon the chronological teaching of the Bible used so effectively by New Tribes Missions missionaries around the world to reach groups with the Gospel and to disciple them into becoming effective, life-long followers of Christ.

The survey below is to be given to various home school families, directors of home school associations and other leaders within the US home school community and market in order to insure that what we propose to develop for NTM will be in line with what the market wants and needs.

1. On a scale of 1-5, (5 being extremely interested, 4, being very interested, 3 being somewhat interested, 2, being of little interest and 1 being of almost no interest) how interested are you in offering some form of systematic Bible teaching to your child, children or the students in your organization.?


2. Are you currently offering this type of training to your child now?


3. Using that same scale of 1-5, what age range of children do you most desire to see regular Bible training offered? (Select a number from 1-5 for each age range)
______Pre-school (ages 2-4)
______Early Elementary (ages 5-7)
______Upper Elementary (ages 8-11)
______Middle School (ages 12-14)
______High School (ages 14-18)

4. Please list any Bible training material you use or are familiar with that is presently available. And after each listing, please indicate on a scale of 1-5 how favorable you feel about that material.
Program Name: Rating
_______________________________ ______
_______________________________ ______
_______________________________ ______

5. How frequently would you (or do you) teach Bible to your children as part of your home school curriculum?

______ 5 days a week
______ 3 days a week
______1 day a week
______Other (please specify)

6. Which components of a systematic Bible Training program are most important to you, (again, use the scale of 1-5 to rate each of the following components)

_____Easy to follow lesson plans
_____ Student activity pages that are fun and engaging
_____Scripture memorization
_____A video component for each lesson (3-5 minutes)
_____Web based interactive assignments
_____Adaptable content for a wide age range of students (3-5 years)
_____Content focused on just a specific age range (1-2 years)
_____Material based on topics taken from the Bible
_____Material based on books of the Bible
_____Reusable content
7. What would you say is a reasonable price to pay for a comprehensive program that is good for a full school year?

$________ to $________

Thank you for your time in completing this survey. Your answers will not be singled out in any way. If you would be interested in being notified about any new Bible training material that results from this survey or would be interested in being part of a development team, please indicate that here.

Your name_____________________________________________
Phone___________________cell _____________________office or home

_____Yes I’m interested for my personal use
_____Yes, I’m interested in recommending or using for the group or organization I am affiliated with
_____Yes, I’d like to be part of your development team

Please email me at
Shanelle S. Woodward

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